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‘For Veterans by Veterans’


Adventure Therapy increases the confidence and wellbeing of our community by combining the tested concept of Adventurous Training with holistic therapeutic mentoring and peer support. This reduces social isolation, improves cohesion and provides participants with the positive mindset required to enter into employment and excel in life.



Laurence Moore, Operations Director at Project Recce, explains…

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Our ‘Adventure Therapy’ initiative is a core component of the ‘Pathways Into Construction’ programme. Since the beginning of Project RECCE, we have delivered fitness and nutrition sessions as well as team-building hill walking days in the Peak District with a veteran owned company, ‘Treks to Wrecks’. These expeditions see our cohort led by a highly experienced ex-Mercian Regiment Sergeant and now Mountain Leader (ML).

Across the Peak District, Lake District, Snowdonia and Scotland there are over 750 wrecks of WW2 era planes which crashed in the region and have been mapped. The group navigates to the crash site, learns about the plane and its crew and then holds a short memorial at what are classed as war graves, afterwards placing a cross donated by Royal British Legion (RBL).

This combines very well local heritage, military history and hill walking which we have found very beneficial to support the overall aim of supporting our beneficiaries into sustained employment.

During the first 12 months of our programme, we developed a relationship with a local sailing club who are prepared to provide an instructor to train our students over a 24 month period to qualify as Day Skipper. We understand that overall health is broken down into 5 inter-connected areas of physical, mental, social, medicinal and spiritual health. By building a programme based upon these core areas, we ensure the following;

1. We enable our students to attend low-cost, peer-led outdoor activities in the local area which reduce social isolation.

2. We improve physical and nutritional education through lessons delivered by our in-house trainer who is a qualified L3 Personal Trainer/L2 Nutritionist.

3. We deliver lessons on correct diet, reduced alcohol consumption, stretching, fitness goal setting and training programmes.

4. We advocate that outdoor adventurous training is a form of therapy through removing oneself from the busy urban environment and spending time in nature.

5. We provide peer-led sessions which act as an opportunity for one-on-one and group mentoring.

6. We have proven that such activities ensure an individual remains fit and healthy, is able to work effectively in the often physical construction industry and develops the social networks to provide a self-supporting network.

All of these activities are proven to improve health, confidence and motivation, therefore helping the individual to become ‘work ready’ and maintain employment.