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‘For Veterans by Veterans’

For Service Leavers

For Service Leavers

Project RECCE Co-Founder, Laurence Moore, spent 11 years in The Mercian Regiment, serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He experienced the difficulties of transition whilst dealing with the effects of trauma, having been medically retired from a career he intended to keep for life.
He was able to overcome the personal issues many veterans face by admitting that he couldn’t complete the mission alone and allowing others to help. This led to a new career in the construction industry, the pathway for which he now wishes to share across the construction industry.

Why Construction?

You may be aware that there is a severe housing shortage in the UK and a comparable shortage in skilled workers to help reach government targets. You may notice the vast number of tower cranes and construction projects in many towns and cities across the UK. You may have heard about major rail, highway and infrastructure projects across the country. The construction industry needs new entrants to help deliver all of this. We have identified that there is an opportunity to help change that by providing an entryway for one of the UK’s largest pools of untapped potential – The veteran community.

Previous Experience?

  Therefore, if you come to us having managed complex infrastructure projects as a Royal Engineer, we will help you to find the most suitable vacancies. Opposingly, if you have spent your career as a sniper or PTI, we will provide you with a proven pathway into the industry as well as all the skills and training to prepare you for your first role in construction.


  Our unique 3-phase programme covers self-development, employability, work trials and all the qualifications you require to work on any site in the construction environment.

Project Recce Community

Following graduation from the course, we provide 12 month’s mentoring as well as access to counselling for you and your immediate family.
We will encourage you to join our community, so we can offer further training, whether that’s on-going opportunities to improve your skill-set or a full-time academic apprenticeship for those wishing to enter the professional side of the industry. This also allows you to grow and support the community.


On average it costs £5000 per person to provide the full package of training and support required to ensure a successful transition and start to a new career in the construction industry. We work tirelessly to ensure that these costs are fully covered by grant funding, industry sponsorships and charitable donations. We will not ask for a financial contribution from any service leaver although we do expect full commitment, a positive attitude and bags of enthusiasm.