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‘For Veterans by Veterans’

For Mentors & Supporters

For Mentors & Supporters

For Mentors And Supporters

 It is a common occurrence to hear that a veteran is struggling with the transition from military to civilian life but for the uninitiated, it is difficult to emphasise with the situation or more importantly, know how to help. It is our belief at Project Recce that shared experience is vital to providing that support. Therefore, we have built our community around an ethos of veterans helping other veterans. However, that is not enough. We needed support from the civvies too. So, we have partnered up with civilian construction firms who want to help veterans which is what makes this project so special. Society is truly humbled by the sacrifices that veterans have given in the defence of the realm and now want to help you re-join civilian society. Project Recce acts as the conduit for that process to occur.

The challenges?

Despite what some may say, civilian employers often don’t know what veterans can bring to the table and it is very hard to just walk into a well-paid new career. We have changed that by working hard to build a network of strategic partners across the UK who now know exactly what veterans can offer to any employer. Therefore, we are in the best position to create a seamless transition from military to construction. However, the ultimate motivation must come from the individual. We offer the training and the opportunities, but it is down to the veteran to show their true capabilities.